Just my diary. probably boring. Written in a wierd mix of English/Romanian

Tuesday, May 31, 2005


This is my first entry, I cannot even keep a diary in notebook so I am not sure how good this will be. I do not think anyone will even read this.

My name is Floarea, I'm 15, but I'll be 16 July 19. I'm really excited. It drive me nuts to be a sophomore, have all of my friends, even the twins (my best friends Padma and Sajna) got their licences in December. I can't believe I will be almost a junior before I have my license.

I am Romanian, I live in US not that long, I was born in Suceava county, but I was raised in Bucharest.

I don't know really what I want to do or where I am wanting to go to college. Maybe I will go to pharmacy college, or maybe I will take the quick route and become a street pharmacist.